PC repairs and software installations.

Software can be an adventurous task! Even for the professionals in your high street shop. Checking your system for its minimum specification, a minefield! Knowing what settings to apply during installation can also be daunting.

We can assist you with all types of software installations allowing you more time to get on with your projects.

Most software packages can be set up within an hour or two.


PC repairs kent believe a fresh windows installation is often the best cost effective way of restoring your pc back to the way it was when you first used it.

If you seem to be waiting forever for your computer to boot up, or for pages and documents to open, then this is probably the service you need.

This involves backing up all your data, i.e. your pictures, emails, homework, accounts etc, even down to saved game data, a must for the serious gamer.

We would then run performance tests on all your hardware to make sure there are no hardware failures, format your hard drive and install windows along with all of your own software programs.

We will do all the critical and optional updates for your windows operating system and for your own software packages.

We will then set up your computer for optimal performance.


PC repairs kent can install all types of computer hardware.

Upgrading your hardware is a fast and cost effective way of improving your computers performance and give it a new lease of life. This will then allow you to run the latest pc games and software applications which these days all need more resources and power.

Processors, hard drives and memory module upgrades will improve your PC performance and allow more compatibility with today’s demanding computer programs.

Other components you should consider are DVD – ROM, graphics cards, DVD writer, CDRW, motherboards, power supplys, modems, firewire, ethernet cards, sound cards etc. We can help supply and install all types of expansion cards.

We can offer all this and more to suit all our customers budgets and needs.

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