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At PC Repairs kent we are proud to tell you that we can normally remove all of the below infections at a success rate of 97%. This however is not a guarantee!. If they cannot be removed there are still other options available for you.
The very first thing you need to do is disconnect your pc from the internet to stop any further infection occurring. Then phone us or email us using the contact link.

Below is a few descriptions of some of the most common infections.

Viruses – A virus is a piece of software that attaches itself to legitimate programs. For example, a virus might attach itself to a program of “any description”. Each time the infected program runs, the virus runs as well and it has the chance to reproduce itself (by attaching to other programs) or wreak havoc throughout your computer.

E-mail viruses – An e-mail virus normally arrives as an attachment in an e-mail message and usually uses your address book to automatically send itself to everyone in the your e-mail address book. Some e-mail viruses don’t even require that you click on it – they just launch when you view the infected message.

Trojan horse – A Trojan horse is a computer program. The program claims to do one thing (it may claim to be a game, an anti virus program or just about anything) but instead does damage to your pc when you run it. It can erase your hard disk, destroy your files or whatever it has been programed to do.

Worms – A worm is a piece of software that uses computer networks and security holes to replicate itself. The worm scans the network for other machines that has a specific security hole. It copies itself to the new machine using the security hole, and then starts replicating from there as well. This is a typical way of carrying out a DOS (Denial of service) attack.

Malware – is one of the biggest threats to computer users on the Internet today. It can hijack your browser, redirect your search attempts, serve up pop-up ads, track what web sites you have visited and generally mess things up. Malware programs are usually poorly-programmed and can cause your computer to become unbearably slow and unstable in addition to all the other havoc they wreak. Most of them will reinstall themselves even after you think you have removed them or they hide themselves deep within Windows, making them very difficult to remove.

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